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Lisa Stafford

Licensed Property Specialist

Lisa brings a passion and commitment to the service she provides that helps create success. With a combined 25 years in real estate and the building industry, Lisa decided to harness her natural flair for design and completed her studies in Home Styling.  It was this progression that inspired Lisa to develop the unique Sale Management System for her clients and start her business to help people with the entire Real Estate process.

With an eye for detail and commitment to providing outstanding customer service, Lisa is well placed to offer advice that is based on a depth of experience that few can offer. 

What we do

We help by managing your entire real estate experience from start to finish. We work with each client to develop, apply and manage a sales system that supports clients before, during and after their property goes on the market.

  • We help you prepare your property for sale
  • We help present your property for sale
  • We work with you to select the best team to market and sell your property
  • We help you maintain control
  • We help negotiate a successful sale
  • We provide solutions and support

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